Artificial Intelligence Recycling Tools

Our artificial intelligence (AI) tools and consulting services track, measure, and improve the sustainability of your products and material management chains. These cutting-edge tools help circular economy actors understand the recycling performance of their products and the recycling behaviour of their consumers.

  • Recyclability assessments of products through our “Circulate” technology to help businesses achieve 100% recyclability.
  • AI-based recycling incentive solutions, such as the RecycleMich mobile app in Austria and the Recycle Everywhere mobile app in Canada to increase material recovery and encourage consumers to recycle more.

Material Management Services

We help assess your products’ sustainability and find solutions with a winning business case. RSE USA is a pioneer in recycling, zero waste, and sustainable materials management with 20 years of experience. Our services include:

• Technology research and feasibility studies, including recycling facility efficiency studies.
• Sustainable material management planning and implementation assistance.
• Waste audits and analyses.

Circular Economy & Extended Producer Responsibility Strategies

The business case for a circular economy (CE) and extended producer responsibility (EPR) is gaining the attention of stakeholders. Leveraging our experience designing, setting up, and operating producer responsibility organizations with an extended producer responsibility framework, we provide clients with expert research and operational insight to answer critical questions about circular economy and EPR impacts for their organization and in industry. We offer:

• Strategy papers on emerging issues and trends and policy impacts.
• CE and EPR policy research and business model development.
• EPR and stewardship program design, implementation and operation.
• Goal setting, measurement, and metrics assessment and enhancement.
• CE executive leadership orientation.

Global EPR Compliance Assistance

We help companies minimize bottom-line costs by guiding them through the complexities of EPR requirements and regulations across the world. Many companies situated in the US are marketing their products and packaging to Canadian and European customers, where extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs and obligations exist for end-of-life management of packaging and products. This can cause confusion and leave companies out of compliance creating business risk. We have extensive experience aiding clients with meeting their EPR compliance obligations across North America and Europe, and currently provide packaging and product stewardship services for over 3,000 businesses and organizations worldwide.

  • Identify opportunities to reduce obligations.
  • Review data collection, methodology and processes.
  • Global obligation reporting tools for client EPR obligations through “calculate”.
  • Full-service reporting and filing for clients.