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We invite you to review various articles and presentations that our RSE USA team members have written or co-written with other professionals within the sustainability industry.



  • Power in policy: How three cities are lifting local efforts (January 2018)
    • Certain tools such as pay-as-you-throw pricing and multi-family requirements have produced compelling diversion results in communities across the country. Leaders of several programs recently shared advice for colleagues who hope to achieve similar success.
    • The New Plastics Economy and Implications for the Pouch Industry (June 2017)
      • Why a new plastics economy is needed and what to expect for pouches going forward.
      • Shaping the future (September 2016)
        • It is said that nothing is permanent except change, and this is certainly true of the recycling industry. Those of us who have been in the industry for longer than we’d like to admit have witnessed the change from predominantly drop-off recycling programs (if any) to curbside; from multi-material streams to single-stream; from the use of 18-gallon bins to 96-gallon carts. Materials in the waste stream have changed too, and they continue to change. This is now referred to as “the evolving ton.”
        • MRFs – Heart of the Recycling System (September 2016)
          • MRF activities impact, and are impacted by, upstream and downstream entities & actions.
          • Recycling is Just a Piece of the Puzzle (May 2016)
            • Government and corporate stakeholders have long used recycling rates to judge materials recovery success. But our authors say development of a system to holistically assess product life cycles will lead to smarter, more environmentally focused action.
          • Shifting the Focus from End-of-Life Recycling to Continuous Product Lifecycles (May 2016)
            • Recycling has long been considered the way forward to reducing waste and its impact on the environment. Recycling products and packaging at end-of-life is not the only way we can reduce the waste that would potentially go to disposal facilities. In North America, the Circular Economy (CE) is the new kid on the block – a concept whereby materials are kept in constant use as resources
          • Recycling Success Requires a Multi-Faceted Approach (May 2016)
            • Companies across the globe are increasingly responding to the call for action in the sustainability arena. Many are making strides in reducing the environmental footprint of their own operations; however, minimizing the impact of products and product packaging on the environment at the post-consumer stage remains an ongoing challenge.
          • Moving The Needle (August 2014)
            • Have government-imposed mandates and bans been able to boost recycling rates? To get some answers, industry researchers undertook extensive studies on the range of legislative efforts that have been implemented across the U.S.
          • Picking Up Foodservice Packaging (March 2013)
            • The Foodservice Packaging Institute’s ongoing packaging recovery initiative is seeking to capture more of what’s being thrown away at restaurants and other establishments where foodservice packaging is found. What is the group’s progress, what are the biggest challenges encountered and how is the FPI working to address them?
          • Calling All Cartons (October 2011)
            • In April 2009, four leading carton manufacturers – Tetra Pak inc., Evergreen Packaging, sig Combibloc and Elopak – joined forces and created the carton council to expand U.S. carton recycling access and infrastructure. In this follow-up to a may 2010 story, we check in to see the council’s progress since then and get an overview of how it all came together.