Sustainable Products Solution - RSE-USA

Reclay Group

RSE USA is a USA subsidiary of Reclay StewardEdge Inc., a member of the Reclay Group of Companies, which provide access to a broad range of experience and international perspective to our project teams.

The Reclay Group is a high-performance, experienced group of companies in the area of environmental and material recovery management. The Group is made up of specialized companies that provide services throughout the entire supply chain of used packaging (or packaging end-of-life) management and recycling as well as for sustainable management. With great success, the Reclay Group helps leading companies from trade and industry to fulfill their obligations as stipulated in the German Packaging Ordinance with efficient and legally compliant solutions, and the Group is a strong partner for issues of environmental relevance. As a full-service supplier in the dynamic market of packaging and environmental management, the Reclay Group is committed to providing excellent comprehensive and legally compliant service.

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