Recycling Market Development

Our team has considerable experience in recycling market development, and can support you to find the answers your business needs.

Policy Assessment & Advisory

We arm you with information and knowledge you need to make critical decisions about how policies affect your industry or business.

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The sustainable materials management arena is dynamic – particularly with respect to policies. We monitor and analyze national, state and local policy developments and global trends in the circular economy, recycling, and materials management arena to identify risks and opportunities for our clients. We assess the implications of existing and proposed policies to provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge of how various policies may affect your business both now and in the future. We aid our clients in developing their own policy positions as well as understanding the positions of other affected stakeholders.

  • Policy impact assessment
  • Policy research and position statements
  • Policy compliance and implementation
  • Stakeholder outreach and engagement
  • Lead and develop voluntary initiatives

Research & Analysis

Our experts provide the information and insight you need to formulate winning strategies and make decisions with confidence.

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Opportunity or threat? Competitive advantage or disadvantage? We provide clients with expert research and operational insight to answer critical questions on how issues and trends around sustainability affect the future of their organization and industry. We also help clients become thought leaders by helping them craft and communicate their opinions.

  • Primary & secondary research
  • Technology research and feasibility studies
  • White papers on emerging issues and trends
  • Thought leadership research and development

Sustainable Materials Management

We help find sustainable solutions for products, residuals, and discarded materials and help you make a winning business case too.

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Principals at RSE USA are considered pioneers in recycling, zero waste, and sustainable materials management. Core team members average 20 years of experience in the conceptualization, design and delivery of complex projects to industry and business. From a single material to a product stewardship program, we help with all types of initiatives to manage products, residual materials, and discards more sustainability. We help you accelerate sustainability by not only helping you rethink waste, but also by providing the know-how to make it a reality.

  • Waste to resource assessments
  • Reuse and recycling program development
  • Identification and assessment of sustainable end markets for materials
  • Waste audits and diversion programs
  • Zero waste and zero waste to landfill programs

Circular Economy Engagement

Does it make sense for your business? Your customers? We help you find answers and with making the case for getting involved or not.

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The business case for a circular economy (CE) is compelling and it’s rapidly catching the attention of stakeholders from consumers to regulators. Companies everywhere are giving serious consideration to the implications of getting involved. Whether your company is just beginning or you have already made a decision to get engaged, we provide a wealth of knowledge to help you better understand and navigate the circular economy business model.

  • CE business model development
  • Closed loop opportunity assessments
  • End-user take back programs
  • End-of-life product and material solutions
  • CE executive leadership orientation

Government and Institutional Programs Advisory

We lend our private sector experience to governments to empower them to advance sustainability while improving the bottom line.

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States, local governments and institutions are under constant pressure to adopt and improve sustainability initiatives to satisfy internal directives and public pressure. We enable agencies and institutions to accelerate achieving their objectives by allowing them to leverage our extensive experience in aiding private sector companies to not only succeed in improving sustainability, but also in achieving goals cost effectively.

  • Sustainable material management planning and implementation assistance
  • Program assessment and enhancement studies
  • Recycling facility efficiency studies
  • Goal setting, measurement, and metrics assessment and enhancement

Foreign Operations EPR Compliance Assistance

We help companies minimize bottom line cost by guiding them through the morass of EPR requirements and regulations.

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Increasingly, companies situated in the US are marketing their products and packaging to Canadian and European customers, where Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs and obligations exist for end-of-life management of packaging and products. This can cause confusion and leave companies out of compliance creating business risk. We have extensive experience aiding clients with meeting their EPR compliance obligations across North America and Europe, and currently provide packaging and product stewardship services for over 3,000 businesses and organizations worldwide.

  • Review gaps in data and supply risk analysis
  • Identify opportunities to reduce obligation
  • Review data collection, methodology and processes
  • Packaging audits and analysis
  • Out-sourced reporting and filing responsibilities
  • Advise clients facing legal disputes with agencies

Communications & Change Management

We’ll help you craft and communicate your message like a pro and help you empower change too.

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We help clients develop communications, training, and technical assistance tools that equip and enable them successfully advance their efforts and convey the right messages to stakeholders up and down the value chain. Our team members are adept at tailoring communications to specific audiences whether elected officials, industry leaders and colleagues, citizens at large, or other stakeholders.

  • Reporting and story telling
  • Presentations, webinars, informational briefings, and position papers
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Curriculum development
  • Thought leadership articles